ATMOsphere America 2015, held in Atlanta (USA), on June 25 and 26, will discuss the benefits of natural refrigerant gases. Aimed at retailers, suppliers, end users as well as industry, training institutes, government representatives and associations, the conference is a great networking opportunity, and will show latest trends and technologies in addition to best practices and regulatory issues for the refrigeration industry through case study sessions and workshops.

On the event’s first day, beginning at 16:30, Embraco, in partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific, a company leader in serving science and providing health solutions, will present a case study titled “The First R-290 ULT Freezer with Variable Speed Compressor“. This is the first ultra-low temperature cascade refrigeration system that operates with variable speed compressors, the VNEK213U, that uses natural refrigerants, R-290 and R-170, which don’t harm the ozone layer and have low global warming potential (GWP). The freezer with this Embraco compressor enables a reduction of up to 50% in energy consumption.

Designed to use R-290 and Embraco Fullmotion technology, the VNEK213U compressor enables faster cooling and better temperature control inside the equipment, ensuring the integrity of clinical and biological substances, fundamental in the health field, in addition to low energy consumption levels.

During the event, Embraco will also showcase solutions for the commercial segment that uses R-290. Among the products, highlights include the complete solution Embraco Plug n’ Cool (watch the video here), the VEGT8U compressor with Embraco Fullmotion technology and the EM2X3125U compressor with on-off technology.

“ATMOsphere America 2015 is an important event to exchange experiences and best practices with other companies, universities and government – groups that are committed to innovation and sustainability like us”, says John Prall, sales and technical support engineer for Embraco North America.

The use of natural refrigerants such as R-290 is aligned to North American standards and regulations. Since 2011, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a U.S. government agency, has permitted the use of these substances in equipment for the domestic and commercial sectors.

Embraco has been developing compressors that use natural refrigerants for over 20 years and believes that their use is the ideal solution for the future of refrigeration. For this reason, Embraco develops innovative solutions that add value for customers and partners who desire a sustainable alternative, more efficient in terms of energy as well as providing a better quality of life.